Gentle Touch Services

Routine blood or urine collection performed in your home or place of business offers a number of advantages to patients and employers, including maintaining the dignity and comfort of each client. Not only is blood collection an important part of the diagnostic process, effectively identifying number of diseases or conditions, but drawing the blood in familiar and comfortable surroundings reduces anxiety and saves both time and the need to travel. There is also a significant advantage to employers in that there is very little lost time from the workplace.

Some of the benefits of home or office collection include

  • No need to travel during inclement weather
  • Waiting time is eliminated
  • No parking costs or fuel expenditures are required
  • Client anxiety is reduced
  • Very little time lost in the workplace
  • Extremely convenient for the elderly or those with reduced mobility
  • Recognized by insurance providers

Save Time and Fuel!

In today’s busy world, spare time is at a premium. Don’t waste time, fuel and energy travelling to and from a facility for routine blood work or urinalysis collection. Contact the professionals at Gentle Touch Blood Collection and monitor your health the personal, convenient and cost-efficient way.